A Financial Advisor Profile of Michele Kief

June 15, 2018
Unlike many other investment advisors, there is far more to Michele Kief’s practice than simply guiding clients to the best investments and building wealth for a healthy future. That is because Michele believes there is a lot more to life than just raising money and building wealth. Perhaps it is because she is an avid traveler herself, but Michele loves showing her clients how to save money living their best life now by traveling widely, and using the savings to ensure a great retirement.

For example, one of Among Michele Kief’s favorite travel tips comes with showing clients how to use the best websites and mobile apps to take a great trip at a price that allows them to put money into their wealth building efforts. That even works if they manage to wait until the last minute to decide on a trip. What makes her different from most other financial counselors is her ability to help clients live now and also save money for later, as they prepare for a comfortable future.